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@Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
2023 03.04 sat - 03.26 sun

@Now Play This - London
2023 04.01 sat - 04.09 sun
Tomo Kihara & Playfool 

Project ---

A game to explore the co-evolution of AI and humans.

Now that AI can effortlessly imitate, how will we deviate?

The rapid advancement in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), has resulted in AI being able to imitate many of the intellectual tasks that were once exclusive to humans, such as generating images and writing. This development has sparked a great deal of excitement but also considerable concern among artists who fear that their jobs may become obsolete. 

However, just as the rise of the first photographic machine in the early 19th century freed painters from realism and paved the way for the Impressionist movement represented by Monet and Van Gogh, history has shown us that whenever a new technology emerges that can replace human acts of expression, people have found ways to deviate and create unique forms of expression that cannot be replicated by that technology. This pattern of imitation and deviation has been a driving force in the evolution of both technology and expression.

Building on the Imitation Game (1950) by Alan Turing, often considered as the father of modern computer science, we propose a new type of game, titled the Deviation Game. Through this project, our aim is to utilise AI not to imitate past expressions, but to identify what has already been expressed, allowing one to deviate from it.

Event ---

Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]

@Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT]
3/4 - 3/26 Opening horus:13:00~19:00 Closed on:Monday

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Opening talk event:
The impact of the latest AI on games and art (Ended)

2023 3/5(Sun)16:00~18:30
Capacity: 45 persons, Admission free of charge
Simultaneous Japanese-English interpretation provided

Guest : Akihiko Taniguchi, Kyoko Kunoh

Opening talk to coincide with the 'Deviation Game' exhibition, which opens on 4 March. Where are art and games heading now that AI can generate everything from images to texts? A panel talk with guest practices will be held.

Competing & Co-creating with AI (Ended)

2023 March
Friday:17:00~18:30 / Saturday・Sunday:13:30~15:00

Capacity:10people per session
Language : Japanese (We will do English session on demand)
web registration from here

Visitors can play ahead with new game rules that cannot be experienced at the exhibition. Each workshop is different, including a cooperative game where you draw a prompt in a way that other humans can guess what it is, but the AI can’t. We also do a game in which participants cooperate to draw a picture that AI would recognise as 'love'. Through these games, participants playfully unravel the ways in which AI perceives the world.

2022年度 CCBTアーティスト・フェロー 活動報告会



Creators ---

Tomo Kihara

Tomo Kihara creates “toys for thought” which are games and experimental software that brings new perspectives to society through play.  After graduating from the Keio University Faculty of Environment and Information Studies, he completed an MSc in interaction design at TU Delft in the Netherlands. He then joined the Amsterdam-based research institute Waag Futurelab, where he conducted research on the impact of artificial intelligence on society. His recent projects have been nominated for the Ars Electronica STARTS PRIZE (Linz, 2021) and exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, 2022).



Experimental unit formed by Daniel Coppen and Saki Coppen. After each completing an MSc and MA in design engineering at the Royal College of Art in London, together they have been exploring the theme of ‘play’ to produce tools and media to nurture creativity in people of all ages. In addition to showcasing their work through a thriving YouTube channel, their previous projects have also been awarded the Dezeen Award 2021, as well as being exhibited at the Victoria & Albert Museum (London, 2022) and MAK - Museum of Applied Arts (Vienna, 2019).



CCBT Mentors :Takayuki Ito (Yamaguchi Center for Arts and Media) / Asami Hosokawa (Sapporo International Art Festival)
Technical Collaborator: Kye Shimizu (N sketch) / Daiki Hashimoto (N sketch) / Hidemaro Fujinami (N sketch)
Sound Design: Matteo Bandi
Textile Support: Studio Onder de Linde
Graphic Design: Taeko Isu / Chika Yamaguchi
Additional Funding Support: Creative Industries Fund NL
This work was produced as part of the “Art Incubation Program,” an artist fellowship program of the Civic Creative Base Tokyo [CCBT].

Contact : deviation.game[a]gmail.com